CALS Certificate Extension—Response to COVID 19

Comprehensive Advanced Life Support (CALS) Program continues to monitor the effects of the COVID 19 pandemic and is modifying operations as necessary to accommodate the new and evolving demands being placed on emergency health care systems. We want to help alleviate concern about CALS Certification so you can focus your energy where it needs to be right now—on helping your patients.

With measures being taken to control the spread of COVID-19, regions and states are delaying training during this time. There are individuals due for renewal and CALS is implementing extensions or “grace periods” for expirations of CALS Instructor and CALS Provider Course Certificate Completion Cards.

CALS Provider Cards:

For those providers and individuals whose CALS Certificate card have expired due to inability to complete training during the COVID-19 outbreak in your state, the CALS Program will provide a six month extension after restrictions have been lifted in your state to allow for CALS Certificate renewal. In the event that your institution requires a card with the extended expiration date, please email with your request and we will respond as soon as we are able. CALS recommends that employers and regulatory bodies consider the extension recognition.

Minnesota State Trauma Requirements:  The Minnesota State Trauma system has suspended the trauma training course designation criteria for one year for Level 3 Trauma Hospital Designation Criteria (Sections 17-21) and Level 4 Trauma Hospital Designation Criteria (Sections 12-16) because of courses cancellation or postponed due to COVID 19.

CALS Course schedule is available on our website at As we are able, we will be rescheduling postponed courses, and offering multiple location options as soon as we are able to safely provide this service.

CALS Instructor Cards:

For those CALS Instructors in good standing who are due for Instructor Card renewal in 2020, a one year extension will be granted to fulfill the Instructor teaching requirements interrupted by the COVID 19 pandemic. New Instructor Cards will be reissued with a one year extension expiration date reflecting 2021 expiration adjustment date.

We stand with you, and we are proud of the incredible work you are doing through this difficult time. Thank you for your hard work, your sacrifice, and your dedication.