FY 2017-18 is full with regard to hosting a CALS course – but the new FY 2018-19 is not far away.

If you would like to HOST a CALS course in your facility, these are the dates that are available.  Please contact Dana Bies at dbies@calsprogram.org with your dates selection.

Any of dates indicated can be floated within the same week if alternate dates work better for your facility.

The only requirement is your facility must be able to provide 1 large meeting space to accommodate 30, and 3 breakout rooms to accommodate 8-10 people each.   In fact, hosting does not limit the opportunity to your facility.  Oftentimes, Hosts have used places such as local churches, community centers, VFW halls, schools and libraries for the CALS courses.

Let us bring CALS to you!!


Here are the open dates:

July 25-27, 2018

November 5-7, 2018

November 14-16, 2018

December 5-7, 2018

January 22-24, 2019

February  5-7, 2019

March 4-6, 2019

April 16-18, 2019

April 29-May 1, 2019

May 8-10, 2019

June 26-28, 2019