Comprehensive Advanced Life Support

CALS Rural Emergency Medical Education is a Minnesota-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. CALS is an acronym for Comprehensive Advanced Life Support, our exclusive curriculum addresses the broad educational needs of doctors, advanced practitioners, nurses and paramedics working in rural, remote and global emergency departments.


MISSION: Improving patient care by providing advanced life support education to rural and/or resource limited healthcare professionals.

VISION: CALS is a global premier source of the quality emergency and critical care education for resource challenged communities. 


Team: Each member of the healthcare team provides value. 

Commitment: To improving rural medical care by providing education designed for locations with infrequent emergency experiences, limited specialized personnel, and/or technological support.

Quality: Providing leading-edge and evidence-based medical information and skills.


All four of these elements, working in unison, drive excellence in patient care in the emergent setting.

Emergency Skills and Knowledge

Without proficiency in the basic skills and procedures, no emergency team can provide adequate care.

Effective Provider Teams

Well-functioning teams are critical to the delivery of appropriate, timely and effective medical care.

Patient-Focused Care and Systems

Hospital systems such as record keeping, triage and evaluation must focus on the needs of the patient and be provided in a timely and professional manner.

Appropriate Equipment

Hospital emergency departments must have a basic set of drugs, equipment and supplies to provide adequate care.

Global in Reach

CALS has led courses, educated providers and created partnerships across the country and around the world. We’re proud to be the exclusive provider of emergency training to U.S. embassy medical personnel across the globe.

Take A Course

Our curriculum addresses the broad educational needs of rural medical teams. Learn and gain resources to anticipate, recognize and treat life-threatening emergencies!