Instructor Interest

The CALS Program staffs the Provider Course with instructors who are interested in furthering the CALS mission of providing lifesaving education to rural healthcare provider teams. If you would like to support this mission by becoming an instructor, please take a moment to share with us an overview of your teaching and clinical experience.

Instructor Application & Maintenance

1. Completion, within the past 2 years, of the CALS Provider Course, including Benchmark Skills Lab and/or Trauma Module. The Benchmark Lab is highly recommended.
2. Current license in one of the following professions: MD/DO (or international equivalent); NP, CRNA, PA, RN, Paramedic.
3. Clinical experience in providing emergency care.

Application Process
1. Applicants who meet the prerequisites are invited to submit an Instructor Interest form, including a Curriculum Vitae, and recommendation letter to the CALS office attesting to teaching capabilities. Applications will be held until the next instructor course or for one year, whichever occurs first.
2. CALS staff will conduct an annual instructor needs assessment and identify candidates for participation in the next scheduled CALS Instructor Course.

Instructor Course Completion
1. Instructor candidates must successfully complete the Instructor Course including all pre-course work and course assignments, and demonstrate teaching an assigned section of the CALS Provider Course. Candidates will be evaluated by the Instructor Course staff who shall determine which candidates will advance to the team teaching stage.
2. Following completion of the instructor class the candidate will be scheduled to teach in an upcoming CALS class. The candidate will team teach and be evaluated by a CALS instructor. The CALS instructor evaluator will provide immediate feedback (Instructor Evaluation form). The evaluator will recommend the candidate for acceptance into the CALS Instructor Pool or for remediation.
3. Remediation consists of specific suggestions for improvement and recommendation for a second opportunity to team-teach alongside a CALS Instructor.
4. If after remediation, the candidate does not meet the requirements he or she will not advance into the instructor pool.
5. Full recognition as a CALS instructor requires successful completion of the Instructor Course and team teaching evaluation.

To Maintain the CALS Instructor Designation, Instructors must . . .
1. Complete a CALS Instructor Activity Sheet for every course observed or taught.
2. Teach the CALS curriculum as presented in the CALS Instructor Manual.
3. Teach at least four days (full) of CALS Course or Benchmark Skills Lab in a two-year (fiscal July?June) period
Attend a CALS Provider Course with Trauma Module in the same time period.
4. Attend at least one annual CALS Instructor Update as required within the two-year period either in person or virtually online.
5. Demonstrate ongoing teaching capability as documented on the instructor evaluation form.
6. Maintain personal continuing education and license in area of expertise.

Failure to Maintain CALS Instructor Status
Failure to maintain CALS Instructor status will lead to a loss of all rights and privileges associated with being a CALS Instructor. Inactive personnel cannot claim to be a CALS Instructor until they have met the following requirements:
1. Be current as a CALS Provider or attend a CALS course in its entirety.
2. Team-teach with a CALS Instructor.
3. Review the latest CALS update material
4. An evaluator will observe the candidate’s team teaching performance and provide immediate feedback (Instructor Evaluation form). The evaluator will recommend the candidate for or against reinstatement of the candidates a CALS instructor.

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